Improve Physical Performance With The Best BCAA Supplements

Branch Chain Amino Acids or BCAAs are essential amino acids that include isoleucine, leucine, and valine. The human body is not able to synthesize essential amino acids on its own so it becomes necessary to source these nutrients from external dietary sources. Muscles use about 20 amino acids for growth. If your goal is to grow muscles, you need to ensure the right amount of protein intake. BCAAs can help source essential amino acids that are building blocks of muscles. People generally do not need extra BCAA supplements if they are on a healthy diet. However, when you do intensive workouts to increase muscle size and improve physical performance, you will need the best BCAA supplements.

Dieting takes its toll on the muscle quality. It leads to muscle breakdown and there is a loss of muscle mass. The body gets leaner when you are working hard. The body turns to muscles for energy when there is less fat. There is increased protein breakdown because the muscles need amino acids for energy. It leads to a decrease in protein synthesis. There is no loss or gain of muscles when the breakdown rate is equal to synthesis rate. The muscle gain is only when the synthesis rate is more than the breakdown rate. You will benefit from the intake of a BCAA supplement if you are into intensive physical training and workouts. The essential amino acids present in the supplement will stimulate protein synthesis rate.

BCAAs help reduces breakdown of muscle with increased protein synthesis. It works well when you are trying to increase your workout intensity. You will be able to work longer and harder on your training after you start taking BCAA supplements. It is important to know that while whey is rich in these amino acids, you will not get sufficient amount of these aminos even if you increase your consumption of whey protein. It is difficult for the body to digest and absorb BCAAs sourced from the whey protein. It takes several hours for all amino acids present in the whey protein to get absorbed into the bloodstream. There is no such problem when you consume BCAA supplement. Amino acids present in this supplement are absorbed quickly into the bloodstream. You will see faster and efficient effects of protein synthesis.

BCAAs are metabolized mainly through the muscles, making them a quick source of energy. These aminos prove highly effective during prolonged workout and training. You can use the best BCAA supplements for instant energy. You will feel less fatigued during the workouts when you consume this important energy source.

Both bodybuilders and athletes want to improve physical performance. Bodybuilders want to lift more weight and do more repetitions. They are looking for explosive muscle growth. It is possible only when the muscles receive all required nutrients and energy. Individuals doing high-intensity training have very high energy demands. It is not possible to fulfill this high level of energy demand with simple foods. BCAA supplements can be a great source of energy to improve muscle size, strength, and quality. These nutrients help improve physical performance. You will be able to train longer and harder without feeling exhausted. Whether you are into weightlifting, endurance training or intensity training, BCAAs will help you achieve high-performance goals.

BCAA supplements are generally consumed before, during or after the training. A dose of 3 grams is sufficient if your weight is 150 lbs or less. Keep the dose to 5 grams if your body weight is above 150 lbs. You can take BCAA supplements throughout the day for increased protein synthesis and reduced muscle breakdown. These amino acids help you speed up recovery, improve performance, build muscle and burn unnecessary fat. These advantages give you an edge when you participate in competitions where physical fitness plays an important role in winning the competition.

The effects of BCAA supplements depend on several factors. The time you take the supplements, the amount of supplement per serving you consume and the quality of supplement determine the final effects. You will see an improvement in lean muscle due to a decrease in unnecessary body fat. It helps increase your strength. There is increased anabolism and decreased catabolism. It results in increased muscle growth and reduced muscle breakdown.

Following is a list of top 10 BCAA supplements that will give you a good start and help achieve your fitness goals.
1. Core series BCAA Glutamine from Transparent Labs
2. COR-Performance B-BCAA from Cellucor
3. Do Vitamins BCAA
4. PRO BCAA from Optimum Nutrition
5. MEGA BCAA from NatureGanics
6. Amino 1 from MusclePharm
7. BCAA 6000 from Gaspari Nutrition
8. Amino X from BSN
9. BCAA from Infinite Labs
10. BEST BCAA from BPI Sports

When searching for the best BCAA supplements, you should look for some important aspect of the product. Check details like the type of ingredients used in the product, amounts of BCAAs in the supplements, and type of other amino acids included in it. Be careful in selecting the flavor. If the flavor is not suitable to your taste, you may dislike the supplement. Make sure the product has been manufactured by a well-known company.

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